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Intelligent Grid enables you to specify an intelligent lighting solution for your building projects. You gain significant power reductions and enhanced controls while reducing installation and maintenance costs. This comes from eliminating cables, cable trays, and other infrastructure plus reduced need for professional electricians across the full installation scope.

    • 40% energy saving versus LED lighting
    • 70% energy saving versus fluorescent
    • Flexible, scalable modular design
    • No trunking or cable trays
    • Cloud enabled control and monitoring
    • Reliable design and low maintenance
    • Branded busbars with low voltage and zero flicker
    • Single access point to the outside world
  • Reduces power costs by 30% compared to traditional LED solutions
  • Reduces installation and maintenance time and cost by 70%
  • Flexible and easy solution that grows with your business
  • Ability to add sensing technology as needed
  • Provides maximum security and a safer environment
  • Ability to control system using mobile device
  • Provides a safe, pleasant and productive environment


The busbars feature low voltage and zero flicker, reducing power costs by 30% compared to traditional LED solutions. No trunking or cables trays are required.

Hub & Connectors

The hub and its connectors enable a highly flexible solution for scalability. It is easy to use when reconfiguring any type of space layout.

Takeoff Box

The takeoff box makes it easy to integrate sensing capabilities, such as air quality, people tracking, lamps, etc. to existing or new set-ups.

Power & Comms, Software & SaaS, IoT.

Built on the same technology that’s powered by IGS.

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